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Surviving Vegan’s mission is to challenge an individual to see the connection between food, thoughts and emotions. If you want to eat healthy you have to be healthy mentally and emotionally. We desire to eradicate obesity, heart failure, high blood pressure and diabetes which plague our communities; to  do this we must acknowledge how years of emotional and physical stress has led to an unhealthy relationship with food as comfort instead of nutrition. 

Latest Episode #11

Trusting the Process

Episode #11 Trust the process brings you the real on evaluating yourself throughout the journey of doing better in your life. In our journeys we’ve experienced and still experiencing that the process will be challenging but not unachievable.

Episode 11    |    23:53

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Orisha Oshun

Orisha Oshun

Grizzy tha King

Grizzy tha King

The foundational principles of our company is DISCOVER + RELEASE + MANIFEST. Through our enlightening knowledge shared globally, we help communities DISCOVER their true links to unhealthy food addictions. The #1 issue most face when changing their eating habits is consistency, so our rule of thumb is: “DISCOVER how past negative experiences  influence your current eating patterns.”


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