We are a family run company with a passion for helping our community and transforming families into a healthier life.

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If you want to eat healthy you have to be healthy mentally and emotionally. We desire to eradicate obesity, heart failure, high blood pressure and diabetes which plague our communities; to  do this we must acknowledge how years of emotional and physical stress has led to an unhealthy relationship with food as comfort instead of nutrition. If we want TRUE TRANSFORMATION we must transform our thoughts and emotions, changing the nature of our relationship with food.

The foundational principles of our company is DISCOVER + RELEASE + MANIFEST. Through our enlightening knowledge shared globally, we help communities DISCOVER their true links to unhealthy food addictions.

 The #1 issue most face when changing their eating habits is consistency, so our rule of thumb is: “DISCOVER how past negative experiences  influence your current eating patterns.”

Discovering your mental and emotional blockages makes it easier to RELEASE your food addictions. Surviving Vegan promotes the constant cycle of discovering and releasing as it creates self accountability through self reflection. 

We believe this self purge allows you to attract the good in your life as MANIFESTATION. The healthier you are mentally, emotionally and physically improves your quality of life.

Ultimately, this self purge brings you in harmony with who you truly are but it doesn’t stop with just alignment of self. You must also be willing to align everything around you and connected to you, opening a clear pathway for Your goals and manifestations.

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Join the”awakening” in communities across the globe on the benefits of eating plant-based.  I teach you how to easily transition into a vegan lifestyle with detox plans and tasty recipes for the entire family.

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We help you acheive all aspects of your weight-loss journey.

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With our popular detox, you will feel lighter and cleaner than ever! 

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We have plan to fit your busy lifestyle for individuals or families.

Our Mission

Surviving Vegan’s mission is to challenge an individual to see the connection between food, thoughts and emotions.

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Since the end of 2019,  we have helped over 10,000+ people transition over into a healthier lifestyle.  We offer delicious alternatives to your favorite recipes by using plant-based options.